Well, perhaps Monday night I should have taken my own advice and attended the HLS Seminar Series that I created six years ago. Could have used Chris and Matt’s tips and tricks today! Started early with the Enabnits and had a little trouble finding some quality live bait. We finally stubbled upon some perfect 4-5″ menhaden(not the big ones but the mediums), figured out how to open my 12′ bait net properly and filled the well with beauties with one cast. Arrived at a field of bottom structure and deployed the snacks. I wish today was Friday because we could have limited on 3-8lb. snapper but the grouper were nowhere to be found today. We did have a handful of big bites and structure breaks but who knows, it could have been big snapper or even sharks. None of the big, mindless redfish either. We gave it a lengthy try and decided to split and see if there was any bull redfish or pompano along the beach. Nothing. Packed up the gear at 1030am and made a quick, 70mph run to the eastern Sound. Poled the fellas down some beautiful flats filled with redfish. Dead wind, calm conditions and very little water movement made it predictably difficult but we got a few fish to bite. Ran to another less pressured area to the south and again, found plenty of redfish. Secretly, I got a few to mouth then drop a bait but we really found it difficult to entice the fish at midday even when we spotted them from an absurd distance. Anyway, we had a fantastic four days of fishing with more redfish than we could count but today was not the finale we were hoping for. Brett and Bryan returned to Atlanta with some high quality angling knowledge, a few coolers packed with redfish and an excellent “Redfish on the Halfshell” recipe from yours truly. Looking forward to the Enabnits next week-long visit for some more fishing. Back to the bread and butter tomorrow and the shallow water redfish with one of my favorite clients. Book now to experience the wonder of Redfish University.

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