Fished for a bit of everything this morning. Started out for the some speckled trout, redfish and flounder at first light. We found the slam bite to be quite slow this morning but managed to eventually find some quality trout and some flounder but oddly, no legal redfish today. First time in weeks we haven’t produced a least one legal Grand Slam. Discovered the trout along a slight wind-rip but didn’t find any big fish. Next, we ran to the bay in search of gag grouper. Hit 3 or 4 productive spots and only found red snapper. We didn’t get any solid grouper bites in an hour’s time. Maybe we should have followed Redfish University’s motto, “artificials only”, it’s always odd having natural or live bait on my boat. Bob received detailed instruction and techniques along with every bay grouper number I have. VIP treatment!! Finally, I promised little known areas to find bull redfish in shallow water when the redfish are not visible on the surface throughout the bay. During our run through the bay, we discovered zero surface redfish and no pelicans or birds diving. Great! The perfect scenerio for our purposes. Like me, Bob has very little interest in casting into a school of 1000 rabid bull redfish. Instead, he enjoys seeing fish in clear shallow water and using his flyrod or light tackle to take these redfish. I love a skilled guy who loves the sport! Pulled up to our fish shallow water area and found unusually massive redfish milling around. Stuck some fish on 4″ Gulp! Shrimp in lime tiger. One fish pushed the Boga over 30# so we’ll call him 31 pounds, a huge redfish in general and especially on 8# Ultracast Invisi-Braid and with the same 15# Stren Tinted fluoro leader we were using for speckled trout. Continued to show Bob four or five other super sight fishing areas and ended our morning with some more speckled trout. Catching the 8.5# and 6# on Sunday at 1100am, we HAD to try to find the big one before we stopped. Only mediums today. All fish released. Thanks, E Holstman

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