Guided Nick Terrell this morning for a tour of Pensacola, Escambia, Blackwater and East Bays. Started around 530am in windy and slow water conditions. A great day to just show Nick some great areas but we were also interested in testing some areas for fish numbers so that he’d be comfortable returning to fish some areas in much better conditions. The fish proved to be a little sluggish but wind right baits, positioning and techniques, plenty of speckled trout of all sizes and even some nice redfish were found and landed. Mullet and bait were difficult to find today with the snail paced tides but found enough to target the trout and redfish inside these schools. With slow water movement like we had today, it is important to concentrate in areas with a cross-wind or even wind blown banks where the water movement is actually enhanced by the wind. If we had a calm wind this morning, things may have been pretty difficult so the wind isn’t always the enemy. We tossed some Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and Shrimp with Woody’s rattles to produce our fish in various locations. Also, staying outside the dirty water lines on the banks was the key to finding more fish. Fun day of fishing and showing a new resident our fantastic fishery. E Holstman