Guided Dr. Roger Orth this morning. Roger is one of my favorite and best clients. Each time I guide Roger, we try to do something different whether it’s a different species of fish, locations or various techniques. We have mastered the speckled trout, shallow water redfish, big redfish, flounder, pompano, huge jacks or more. Today our focus was sharks and Spanish mackerel in Pensacola Bay. Started at 500am and ran in the dark to an area known for small pods of tarpon. Patiently waited for about 30 minute but only saw one fish roll. Not enough bait so we moved on. Stopped and picked up 7-8 small ladyfish for shark bait and arrived at our first location around 730am. Lots of bait very close to the bank being pounded by huge ladyfish and a few redfish. Broken out the flyrods and had some fun with the ladyfish. Traveled the Pass and lower bay areas in search of Spanish mackerel. Found plenty of small fish with a few decent ones mixed in. Strangely, we didn’t find a group of bait, ladyfish or Spanish mackerel with sharks in them. Normally, it’s no problem but, of course, today…. Anyway, we did end up seeing two sharks in shallow water that were not interested at all. Also, found some small groups of big jacks at various locations but they were moving quickly and would vanish. Fun day of catching lots of fish but really didn’t find quality fish in our target species of the month. Next time, Roger and I will travel to West Bay and Destin for some spectacular sightfishing for redfish and big trout in very clear water. Gotta make up for today’s trip!!