Guided Nathan Wheeler this afternoon over in Blackwater Bay. It was explained that Blackwater will be at it’s prime in a month or so but we could probably catch some fish and I could definitely provide some education and techniques in the area which was our primary goal. Got on the water around 3pm and made a milkrun. We actually found some redfish in the usual areas although most were 15-20″ fish which is a great sign for things to come. We also found some very small trout in the area as well as a flounder. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d do that well but our minds were focused on covering water and for me to educate Nathan on the Blackwater area. Again, a detailed map was provided and the Sharpie was well-used. Covered areas in the bay as well as Blackwater River for cold-water trout and stripers. There is little doubt that Nathan will have an extremely successful Fall and Winter fishing season in the Blackwater Bay area. Normal Redfish University trip tomorrow although educational(tours) and productive areas trips are really gaining in popularity and could be a part of the norm soon. Redfish University really is an excellent investment!! See ya soon.