For the past month, anglers have rushed to take advantage of the Redfish University’s $299.99 deal before it ends. As always, weather can be a big problem this time of year. Don’t get us wrong, Redfish University is thrilled and fortunate to be busy during even the coldest winter conditions but we are very happy not to be on the water this week. With the rainy, windy and icy conditions, we’ve pushed back three Redfish U. trips this week. It’s always interesting asking, “It’s going to be brutal on the water, you’ll learn alot and catch fish, but are you sure you want to brave these elements?” I’m always game to hit it in any conditions as we’ve conquered 24 degree mornings in the last month or so but we all have our limits!  Thankfully, trips will be rescheduled in the next week or so and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Better weather makes things much easier, especially for the clients. For those that may need to reschedule because of RU’s filled dates, RU will still honor the $299.99 special if we spill into March.

On Thursday, after a great lunch with Berkley’s Kevin Benton at Aegean Breeze, I wanted to run the boat and make a few casts. Fished for 20 minutes and caught 4 quality trout including a 5# fish. Also got one 23″ redfish. Thank goodness for my sweet Yamaha Gill Team and Patagonia all-weather gear, gloves and Capilene baselayer. There are still PLENTY of redfish and trout in large schools and they are very willing to take artificials, even in the winter months. As the weather and water warms, the fishing will continue to get even better. The Fall/Winter $299.99 Special will end February 28 so book now for a super deal!! See everyone soon. Eric Holstman