Recent bay grouper and snapper reports(my friend Matt’s specifically) have stirred my curiousity. Certainly, Redfish University doesn’t consider bottom fishing it’s specialty and wouldn’t seriously entertain the thought of confidently guiding clients in this realm. My dad and website designer/marketer, Randy Hamilton; well, that’s a different story. Asked the guinea pigs to meet me on Texar at 700am. No bottom finder on the Hewes 21 Redfisher, no rodholders and I hadn’t thrown a bait net(a 12′ ) in about 15 years. After a few really pathetic spreads, I finally got back on track and opened a few big ones. For the first time in ever(10yrs), I filled the livewell on a flats boat with LIVE BAIT, the rod lockers with Penn 4/0 with 6oz. leads and circle hooks and rolled with great intrigue into the unknown. Arrived at an area with some patchy bottom structure and set up a drift with the outgoing tide. Used the GPS to track our path and made a few passes with our large live baits about five feet off the bottom. Randy finds the first fish which nearly jerked the rod out of his hands. A few moments later, a very nice 28″ grouper hits the deck of the 21 Hewes Redfisher. A few more break offs and some sharks in a few hour period then over to the Hilton for our weekly Sunday brunch, Stella Artois and bloodies. It was a fun little trip that I would like to do more often with friends and family. Grouper fish tacos are in the plans for this week! Book now to experience the thrill of Redfish University.