Got back late last night and decided to pick up a quick trip since the weather and tides were looking very promising. Wow! We’ve been landing on some great fishing lately!! Guided Mr. Mike Peters this morning and I’d say Mike did extremely well for his first inshore, artificials-only fishing experience. Mike knocked out a Super Slams in no time with plenty of redfish, quality trout, a nice flounder and solid stripers. All fish taken on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo and a sharp Marsh Works 1/4oz jighead. Concentrated on ledges, uneven bottom and mullet. Great fishing with Mike this morning as we learned we share many of the same interests including surfing, travel and fish tacos. Mike took home a ton of fresh fish for fish tacos today. Busy, busy, busy in the coming days and weeks so more to come shortly. Thanks, E